Hod Lipson

Mechanical Engineering

Hod Lipson is a roboticist who works in the areas of artificial intelligence and digital manufacturing. He and his students love designing and building robots that do what you’d least expect robots to do: Self replicate, self-reflect, ask questions, and even be creative.  Lipson’s research asks questions such as: Can robots ultimately design and make other robots? Can machines be curious and creative?  Will robots ever be truly self-aware? Answers to these questions can help illuminate life’s big mysteries. 

  • Postdoctoral fellow, MIT/Brandeis 1998-2001
  • Professor, Cornell University 2001-2015
  • Professor, Columbia University 2015-
  • 2014 - 3DBio Inc., Co-founder, Bioprinting
  • 2011 - Nutonian Inc., Co-founder, Eureqa
  • US National Academy of Engineering Annual Gilbreth Lecturer, 2012.
  • Forbes “Top 7 Data scientists in the world”, 2011.
  • Popular Science’s one of 25 most Awesome labs in the US, 2011.
  • Discover Magazine’s 25 most important discoveries of 2009.
  • Esquire Magazine Best & Brightest, 2007.
  • Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award, 2007.
  • TIME Magazine’s “Most important events of 2000”.
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