Eugene Wu

Computer Science

Eugene Wu develops systems and algorithms for modern interactive data analysis.  His research focuses on the full interactive data analysis stack: from data cleaning and preparation, to scalable systems for interactive exploration interfaces, to automatic interface generation, to explanation tools that help explain anomalies encountered during data analysis.  His current project is the Data Visualization Management System, which integrates concepts from database research, such as declarative languages, query optimization, and lineage, with interactive visualizations, making it easier to design, architecture, build, and scale rich visual data exploration systems.

  • Postdoctoral fellow, U.C. Berkeley, 2015
  • Assistant Professor, Columbia University, 2015-
  • Best Demo Award, SIGMOD 2016
  • Best of Conference Citation, ICDE 2013
  • Best of Conference Citation, VLDB 2013
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  • Xiaolan Wang, Alexandra Meliou, Eugene Wu    QFix: Diagnosing errors through query histories    SIGMOD 2017
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  • Eugene Wu, Leilani Battle, Samuel Madden    The Case for Data Visualization Management Systems    VLDB 2014
  • Eugene Wu, Samuel Madden    Scorpion: Explaining Away Outliers in Aggregate Queries    VLDB 2013
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